Old tracks fail to replay, new tracks work well

Hi all! I’ve had this problem with Cubase 10.5 many times and I somehow always resolved it, but now I don’t have the patience to deal with it. So, after leaving a project alone (unopened) for an extended time, somehow my old tracks don’t have audio outputs. However, when I create new VST instrument tracks, they record and play back perfectly. On the old tracks the instrument editor receives the signal (I can see it in the editor), it just doesn’t have sound. Of course my problem would be fixed by just creating new channels and copypasting every time, but is there a solution that will help me not have to do that?

Q: Do you have the correct ASIO driver selected?
A: Yes, the new tracks work perfectly.

Q: Did you choose the correct channel?
A: As far as I’m concerned yes, the channel of the old tracks match the channel of new tracks, and the mix console shows audio signal coming through, I just can’t hear it.

Q: Do you have your outputs correctly defined within Devices?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have ControlRoom enabled?
A: No.

All help is greatly appreciated!

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Try to click the Deactivate All Mute States button, please. Even if it’s not yellow, it helps sometimes.

Thank you for your swift reply! I tried it, but it doesn’t work. The program, on the other hand, seems to tell me that there IS audio output (screenshot was taken during playback)

Have you checked the routing on the old tracks. I find when I load a track that was created with a different audio interface sometimes the existing tracks are not routed to the outputs

Thanks! That was it! Somehow I missed it before. I’m posting a screenshot so everyone can remember what I had to do. The red circled dropdown list initially showed “No target”.

Good to hear that sorted it :+1: