Old versions Cubase

I got Cubase from the start (Steinberg24) but now after all updates I still got he old versions on my PC. Can I delete them all without problems??

Sure can. Every major version of Cubase (x.0 and x.5) is its own independent installation and can be removed without impacting the others.

That said I always leave the last few versions installed on my PC - just in case.

Hello Raino,
Thanks for your reply! Cleaning up give me more memory back on my PC!

I assume you mean disk space. Old unused versions of Cubase lying around should not be consuming any memory.

Yes Stupid of me! Of course disk space!
Thanks for the attention!

I might be too late but if you have old songs (.all) you won’t be able to open them with new latest versions of Cubase. There are some versions of Cubase that are worth keeping if you need to convert old file formats to the current ones. Not sure if Cubase SX 3 was such a version.

Hello Johny,
Thank you for your message,
Well, since I have been a Cubase user from the very beginning (Steinberg24)
I still have the sx version with which I can use the old all. Packages to load.
Most all. extensions I have transferred arrangements to cpr.

Jacques Herb