Old vs new

Anyone else think the old forum was easier to navigate. For example, I’d like to send a suggestion but now I can’t find it anywhere in this new forum board. Frustrating.

Can’t you just post your suggestion on the forum? That’s what everybody else does, I think.

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Because it doesn’t exist anymore. Post in the Product (Cubase, Wavelab, etc.) forum and tag it as a feature request.

This new forum can be cumbersome to use if you attempt to think about it & use it like the old forum. When approached on its own terms the new forum is much easier to use (at least for me) - although it took a conscious effort to adjust.

As an analogy, the old forum is like an older house with lots of different rooms on hallways. While the new forum is more like an open house plan


I suppose, I just didn’t know nor did I find anything. In the old forum, it was all organized in such a way that a newb could find it. I’m not against changes, just wish they’d organize like the old one.

Thanks Raino, yea, it seems like it’s a different approach. I’m not against the layout but I do think they ought to organize it a bit more. Good to know too that it takes some getting used to.

Hey @auggybendoggy3

Check out the Forum Guide




What changed for me is when I stopped looking in different places to find stuff of interest. Instead I changed my forum settings to show me the stuff I’m interested in. Now I only need to look at the “Latest” tab too see everything that might be of interest. Detailed navigation was at the core of the old forum, on here navigation is used to create broad topic areas - but the details are managed using your profile settings & tags.


I’m slowly adjusting, but I still hate the new forums.

Nope, the news forum is waaaaaay better, even more so when it comes to finding things.

Yes the search is much better. For a start it will search for any words you like, where the old forum tossed out words that it deemed were too popular.

I also think the quality of responses has been drastically improved by how trivial it is now to post images. Lots more pics showing the actual check-boxes, settings, buttons, etc. to resolve an issue.

As someone who responds to a fair number of posts here, it seems to take me a bit over half as long to do that now than it did at the old forum. Some of that could be that less posts are created now compared to the old forum (or not?) - @steve if you are still following this, do you know if the post volumes changed before & after the move?

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Hey @raino no, I don’t have access to that metric, and don’t actually know if SB is tracking that.

I agree with your assessment- I notice that some regular posters are not here, or maybe are using new names, but the quality of responses is better than in the old forum, and it is much easier to post info.