Older Cubase Files

Iv’e just come back to Cubase after quite a few years using Logic on a MAC.
When I was on a PC I used Cubase and saved my files with the .ALL extension.
Is there any way to read these files or convert them to the .CPR format?
Thank You

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase SX 3 was the last one, you can use to convert the old *.ALL projects to the current *.CPR file type.

Here’s the link to Cubase SX 3 (and SE and SL )

All my old .ALL files contain midi information only (no audio)…
Is there no way to strip the midi information from the file without having to install an old version of CUBASE onto my MAC?
The version of CUBASE I use now doesn’t use a dongle so how would I even install an old version?

Not likely.

Unfortunately you can’t if you only own a v12 license. Please see the chart in Steve’s link.

Sorry, but it sounds like you’ll have to ask someone who has access to Cubase SX/SE 3 to convert your projects for you. You need a license for Cubase Artist 11 or Cubase Pro 11 (or earlier) in an USB-eLicenser dongle to run these older versions, but even then they wouldn’t work on a modern Mac, only on Windows.

OK thanks everybody