Oldest Cubase version working on XP and eLicenser

Just a quick question…

Which is the oldest Cubase that can work on Windows XP and the eLicenser?


I suppose that would be Cubase VST(?). - You’d have to transfer the license from the original parallell-port dongle to the e-licenser - but do be aware that, if you do that, you can’t put it back into the original dongle (which might be important if you ever wanted to run Cubase VST again on an old PC that didn’t have USB).

Earlier versions of the licensing software used to acknowledge the parallell-port dongle, but later versions didn’t. And, much to my annoyance, they didn’t just ignore the dongle but intervened in the running of Cubase VST to prevent it working, even though the valid dongle was there :unamused: .

I mean, what version I can use with my current Cubase 6.5 license.

I already have Cubase SX3 which comes handy, but I would like to know if there’s even an older working version.

Oh, I see. Unfortunately I answered the question that you asked, rather than the one you meant to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

SX1 should run fine with C6 license.

Even the most simple question is sometimes difficult to formulate when it’s not in your mother tongue :blush:

Thank you Jarno. I suppose It’ll be better to use SX3 then.

At least I can’t see any reason to use SX1 instead of SX3.