Olympus Choir Elements bugs?

I have Olympus Choir Elements and am finding a frustrating bug. It sounds fine as I play it from a keyboard but when I go into the midi editor in Nuendo and change the velocity, it becomes distorted and garbled. Somehow the sound gets completely messed up. The only way around it is to reload it in Halion and then continue. I’ve had the same experience every time I have used it.
Anyone else see this problem?
Nuendo 12 (latest) on Windows 11 (latest)
Halion 6

Do the problems still show if you use Olympus Choir Elements in HALion Sonic 7 (the new free player that replaces HALion Sonic SE 3)?

Any bugs are likely to be a higher priority to fix if they manifest themselves in the current generation HALion Sonic 7 and HALion 7, rather than only appearing in the now discontinued HALion 6.

Potentially, I could try your project on my Windows 11 system, as I have Nuendo 12, Olympus Choir Elements and Absolute 6 (so, therefore, HALion 7) licences.

Hi @trmupstage & @David_W,

that sounds indeed a bit strange.

I’m experiencing another kind of strange behavior. No distortions, though.

Just recorded a few notes, set up a loop and opened the Key Editor.
(Cubase Pro 12.0.70, HALion Sonic 7.0.10, Olympus Choir Elements v.8)

While the MIDI loop is running, and whenever I touch any of the velocity value faders at the bottom of the Key Editor, that MIDI note will go on and play forever. The only way out currently seems to be to use HALion Sonic’s MIDI Reset button (tiny lightning icon). If Velocity values are being left untouched and during continuous loop playback, this “eternal sustain” won’t happen. Never had this before… I have absolutely no idea why this happens.

I’m using this Olympus Choir Elements patch / and settings:

  • Layer 1: Ah Sustain
  • Blend: Legato
  • Layer 2: Ah Sustain
    (Quick Controls: Reverb Mix 0, Men / Women: Legato Bend off, Legato Time off)

Hmmm… :thinking:

[-Update 01-]:
Just changed both layers to “Ah True Legato”. Now I also have that garbled sound whenever I touch any of the Velocity faders in Key Editor, even without playback. Sounds really weird, during playback or by playing single notes. Until loading a different VST Sound preset.
[-Update 02-]: → Olympus Choir Elements in HALion Sonic 7, affected patches after touching Key Editor’s velocity faders or by trying to draw a velocity curve - with and without playback.

Infinite sustain:

  • Legato Ah
    Legato Ee
    Legato Eh
    Legato Ei
    Legato lh
    Legato Mm
    Legato Oh
    Legato Oo
    Vocal Synth

Garbled sound:
(intensity seems to be related to HALion Sonic’s polyphony settings, to reduce them also seems to somewhat reduce the garbled effect - turned down polyphony 128 to 32 and things got slightly better. When turning it up again, it again gets worse)

  • Beautiful Legato
    True Legato Ah
    True Legato Oo

[-Update 03-]: (-August 18, 2023-)

None of the above strange effects happened by instead using any one of the presets in Olympus Choir Micro.

Thanks for testing. When this happens, I have to go back into Halion 6 and reload the preset. Works fine then… until I have to edit any of the velocities, then the crazy mess of sound happens. Obviously a bug. I don’t know who to notify. Steinberg or the developer?

I wonder who to contact about this bug. Makes the choir almost useless.

Confirmed. Works as intended in HALion 6 / Halion Sonic 3 / HALion Sonic SE, but goes completely crazy in HALion Sonic 7.

Got a reply to my support case. The bug is confirmed and sent to development to fix.

Got another email saying I need to take up the problem with the sample maker. Opened a case with them. Now they need video proof of the problem. Might be easier just to buy a different sample

Was this ever fixed in 7.0.20?