Olympus Elements notes play in back ground

Hi I bought Olympus Elements the other day and when I click on a midi track that has no music and hit play, notes play and hang in the back ground when nothing is there to play.
It plays a bar then stops, but when play inside a loop regardless of how many bars it just goes on and on.

This only started once I installed Olympus and is effecting halion se3.

If I click on an audio track the problem stops, but I cant use my midi keyboard to input music if I`m not click on the desired midi track.

This video I shot and I must admit I’ve mad many problems with Cubade and symphonic orchestra which I would love to get, but uninstalled it as it was messing up my UR44C interface inputs ???. Now after buy this VST, I have yet another Steinberg problem when all I’m using is Steinberg products ?