Olympus Micro playback template


based on John’s video about the Olympus Elements Playback template I tried to create one for Olympus Micro, but it doesn’t work. The expression map itself is playing the techniques correctly, but they don’t show up in the controller lane. I am using Dorico Elements. So I assume it is because I cannot create new playing techniques and hence cannot assign them to the expression map. I tried to change the Olympus Elements template, but it is not working (or I am doing something wrong…). I’ve attached both my Olympus Micro playback template and the expression map. Maybe someone could help me creating the Ah and Oo playing technique and assign them to my map? Or maybe I am just missing something? I hope this playback template is useful for others too, once it is working.
Olympus Micro.zip (1.0 MB)


Hi Gabi

Yes I think it’s just that you can’t create playing techniques in Dorico Elements, so I’ll add those and make you a new file for you to test. Can you email me (j.barron at steinberg dot de) and we can work on it that way?



Thanks, John, will do!