Olympus samples libraries

I’ve been trying to find a decent choral sample library. The Olympus choir bundled with Dorico is a bit ‘flabby’ for my tastes, and lacks attack. They’re also woefully out-of-tune with each other.

However, they do have some other libraries: “Elements” for $99; Requiem Lite for $199; and the full Symphonic Choir at $549.

Has anyone tried any of these? I’m looking for something with key-switched vowels, and reasonably realistic sounds, without massive reverb. The first two are in my budget, but the third is not.

It seems other alternatives are all $500 or more, and seemingly excellent, with syllable builders and so forth; or free, and rubbish. (Actually, there are some surprisingly good free ones, but they all have limitations, like the sample only lasts a few seconds.)

I started with Elements, so I never really poked around with the Micro Choir and cannot compare to it… I forgot it was in there.
Nevertheless, with Elements and the other Olympus choirs, and you can likely use the automation/midi cc to get the vowels switched on Olympus Elements in Dorico.
it would have to go through the Kontakt player, as I’m not sure if there is a standalone Olympus Elements.
I keep work with the full Olympus choirs in the DAW for various reasons, but that can be due to personal work style and needs.

With that in mind, Olympus Elements has quite what you would need (once you can sort out the automation of the vowels).
I’m not sure of other alternatives at that price range though. Worth keeping an eye out.

Thanks, Frank. I might give it a punt.

Well, I’ve gone mad and bought the Requiem Light library: first impressions are that just the Ooh and Aah samples are worth the price. Shame the Micro ones are so weak. And there’s lots of other lovely stuff.

But of course, now I’ve given myself a whole new set of problems: learning how Kontact works, and trying to working out how to control all of this from Dorico. Can’t even find the Dynamic CC yet.

EDIT: It’s 7. :unamused: