OMEC Teleport

Hello there.
I’m a newcomer to this forum and to Computer based music production.
I am basically a singer songwriter, guitarist and so far I’ve been using Cubase 7.5 to create things on reasonably successfully.
I always seem to struggle to get things set up which usually ends up being VST connections, I/O etc.
Eventually I manage. I spotted the OMEC Teleport device which looked interesting. I thought it may be useful to add , say, a piano sound played on my guitar as I have no keyboard skills. The manual of course says “its simple, plug this into your DAW and away you go”, or words to that effect.
Well day 2 has come and gone without success. I cant get a peep out of anything and I’m sure it will be settings but, as I said I’m a player not a computer tech. Can anyone enlighten me before I give up and put it on Ebay?


The OMEC is an audio to midi converter. So basically your guitar needs to be connected to the input and the usb connection needs to go to your computer.
Next create an instrument track and in the inspector choose this (OMEC) device as midi input for this instrument track. Or you could put it on ‘all midi inputs’. You should now be able to play the instrument using your guitar.

Thanks for the response, I’ll try it asap.

Thanks Nickeldome but no joy still.
I’ve created an instrument track as you said but there’s no OMEC option in the inspector. “all midi inputs” is selected but nothing!
sorry to be a pain.

Sorry, and although I’m still not completely sure? This device starts to look like a audio through usb input device. Take a look at this:

So you should create an audio track instead of instrument and from there you can load various (guitar effects) plugins on your computer? So it’s actually still a very cool device but it’s not meant to control midi data?

For controlling midi you might look into something like this:

Or take a further look at:

Hello again.
I’m getting frustrated now. I downloaded the jam origin eval software which works fine but I can’t justify the cost particularly as I have cubase with plenty of plugins and VSTs and ALL of the teleport advertising says you can (simply) use your DAW sounds. It’s never that simple.
Thanks for your help, look out for an OMEC Teleport on eBay soon.