OMF Export: Muted events and error logs

Two little things that I noticed when exporting an OMF out of Nuendo

When I tried to export an OMF with Reference, I ran into a problem because the video editor thought it’d be a good idea to include files with umlauts. The OMF log only listed successful clip conversions, so the last entries are like this:

Exporting audio file: filename1.wav
Exporting audio file: filename56.wav
Exporting audio file: filename234.wav
Exporting audio file: filename75.wav
Exporting audio file: filename81.wav
Exporting audio file: filename37123.wav
Error exporting media
Closing file…
Error while exporting OMF file
Removing OMF file

…leaving me to figure out that the problematic file was filenämeß.wav, which doesn’t appear in the log at all.
It’d be more helpful if the log would specify where the error occurred exactly.
(I know, I know, there shouldn’t be files looking like that in the first place. But what should I do spotting them in the pool? I can’t rename them or anything, the only choice I have is to make a consolidated OMF which was the exact opposite of what I was asked to do.)

Also, when exporting an OMF with events that were muted and set to -inf in the import (which was an AAF), they don’t appear in the OMF at all. I don’t know if that’s something that Nuendo did or happened while importing it elsewhere, but that’s undesirable in my opinion.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Try this: In omf export window check 24bit., (under “Same as project”). Strange, but somethimes help.

Hey tomlobotom,
sorry for the late reply and thanks for your idea. I’ll try that next time!

Again, I’m sitting here with such a project. Exporting an OMF with referenced media fails with “an error” (no special characters this time, so I don’t even know where to start!) and when I export an OMF with embedded media (and 24 bit, just as tomlobotom mentioned), I get a message that the file will be >2GB and there might be data loss.
I’d really like to know what the error is!

(8.1.10 now, by the way)

is it same problem when you export only 1 track? Try copy files, OMF limit is 2GB.

Since this isn’t about the feature request anymore, I’ve opened a thread for this particular problem: