OMF exporting Issues

I am working with about 50 tracks i am exporting into an omf and as you can see this event appears in my original project:

however after exporting to an OMF and importing it to a new project to do QC, it disapears:

not only that but my curved fades turn into straight equal gain fades as well. which for my dialogue edit makes everything bumpy.

any help or solutions?
I am working on pc with windows 11
cubase 12.0.70 build 464


Hi @Carlos_Solares

Would it be possible to send me the following per PM via wetransfer so that we can investigate?

  • a stripped down version of your original project with this audio track only (and related audio clips / events)
  • your own OMF export of this project
  • a screenshot of the OMF export settings you are using

Please make sure beforehand that this is also reproducible with the stripped down version.

Thank you very much for your help!


@Carlos_Solares is there any specific reason why you are not using the AAF import / export features instead?

Hey @Armand i sent you a DM message i hope you received the files.
Please let me know if youve received them