OMF file cut off

Hello everyone,
I apologise if there have been previous posts regarding this particular issue but I had a search and couldn’t see anything.

My problem is this: I have recently switched to Logic Pro X and am attempting to export all my previous projects from Cubase 5 in the form of OMF files. I have encountered the 2gb file size limitation but that is not my main frustration. When importing into Logic any projects which are longer than around 4:10 are cut off. To be clear, all the files are there and in place up to that point but the project seems to end there and I cannot scroll beyond this point.I’ve also tried using the left and right locators function and checked the button to export everything in between but to no avail.

I have checked that there is no issue with Logic and project setup by opening songs which I have exported successfully but are sub 4 mins - exported via OMF to Logic I mean- then extending them and it’ll go way past the 4:10 mark. I’ve tried searching for threads in various forums but haven’t seen anything similar.
Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.

I should also say that I’ve used Cubase for over 20 years and switched across to Logic as most of my friends moved over years ago and I wanted ease of compatibility with them (the irony of my current problems are not lost on me btw) - it’s been a steep learning curve which you may say might not be worth it, but that’s where I am and would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks people! :smiley: