i am trying to import OMF file into Cubase9 (file\import\OMF…)
and all i get is “could not read OMF file!” (See pic)
its my first time with OMF’s. what am i doing wrong?

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Not sure what Cubase version you have… OMF import/export is available in Cubase Pro only. Ref CB Pro operation manual page 1033.

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Hey, thank you for the reply
its cubase pro. and i’ve read the manual, but there’s no info about my situation in there.

“1. Open the File menu, open the Import submenu and select “OMF…”.
2. In the file dialog that opens, locate the OMF file and click Open.
If there is already an open project, a dialog opens in which you can select whether a
new project is created for the file.
If you select “No”, the OMF file will be imported into the current project.
3. If you choose to create a new project, a file dialog opens in which you can select the
project folder.
Select an existing project folder or create a new one.
4. The Import Options dialog opens, allowing you to choose a track for the import.”

in my situation, it stops before the import options dialog opens (4)

any ideas??
thank you!

What program generated the omf ?
If possible you could try generating a new omf using different settings.
OMF is often problematic, sadly Cubase has no support for more robust formats.

hey! thank you.
actually, we tried several omf’s with different export settings

from here :

im loosing my mind :laughing:

oh sorry, the program generated the omf is AVID