OMF import and Opening project time


In my work I have to import about 16 OMFs (2Gb each) into one Nuendo project.

I found that the speed of this import falls drastically with every next OMF. So that the first file gets imported in approx 5 minutes while the last one takes up about 25-30 min.

Is there a particular reason for this behavior?

Also when opening the same project “Connecting Media…” part sometimes lasts 25 min and sometimes 5. Although I see the pattern here (first opening after reboot usually takes longer) I don’t see why this time should be SO different.

try this:

create new project
import first omf
create and activate another new project
import second omf into this project
drag and drop from second project to first project
save and close the first project

the project should open up within the same time every time.

also what platform, what os, what hardware, version of nuendo, etc

Sorry, my bad ))

Nuendo 5.1.1
Mac OS X 10.6.6
Konnect 24D
Powercore X8
Whole bunch of native plugins