OMF Import from Premiere - no volume automation (it's there in PT though!)

Hey all,
Trying to import an OMF from Premiere but not getting Volume Automation. Tried importing in PT and it does show volume automation, tried exporting an AAF from PT but that doesn’t have volume automation on import in N13 (I’ve unchecked the ‘enforce avid compatibility option’).

So I’ve asked for an AAF from the editor, I’ve normally had success with non-embedded AAF. Any tips regarding this?

PS. I’m not very eager to shell out money for a solution to this, but see references to success with AATranslator (but that is Windows only…).

Both AAFs and OMFs from Premiere should include volume automation when imported to Nuendo. I’ve done both.

Premiere kind of sucks when it comes to AAF exports though in my experience (receiving files) so perhaps there is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed. You might want to ask in the Adobe forums.

You might also want to share screenshots of all relevant export settings in Premiere to see if someone here spots something wrong.

Thanks I will try and get more info from the editor. Will check the adobe forums.
I’m surprised that it doesn’t work, omf is basic but ‘stable’ mostly. Could it be that it needs clip gain instead of volume automation, I’ve been reading that on avid duc. that has mostly to do with PT though:
‘for going to another DAW (i tested Cubase Pro 8) - i could only get Clip Gain to translate over via OMF - Clip Gain was changed to Volume Automation in Cubase (you have an option for this) … otherwise i could get NO Automation to pass from PT to anything else …’

What is this called in Cubase?

I don’t know. I don’t use cubase. This is just a reference I found. I think this might not actually be correct anymore (old discussion).

I know it exists in Pro Tools and I thought we requested it as a feature in Nuendo years ago. So I was worried I missed it.

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This is the import in PT

And this is the way it looks in N12 and N13 after import:

I’ve also tried disabling ‘Import clip gain as automation’ on import but it made no difference. Also the events do not have clip gain info.

What happens if you re-export to OMF from PT? Same thing?

If you have both PT and Nuendo then of course the (annoying) workaround is to import in PT and export as AAF to Nuendo.

I’ve exported an AAF from PT but it has the same issue.
I’ll try an OMF though, didn’t think of doing that… a friend of mine is telling me that OMF doesn’t support Volume automation, only clip gain… not sure what to think now haha.

UPDATE: nope. still nothing in the automation.

I may have figured it out! I dragged all stereo split tracks in PT to new Stereo tracks and exported those as AAF and now it seems to work correctly!

I’ve never had success with getting automation over from OMF from adobe for that I need AAF always works with a few settings to consider. Breakout to Mono has to be selected and don’t embed the media files inside the AAF- ask for that to link to the media files separately. Copy full files if you plan on using the field recorder worflow, otherwise a good 10second handles is useful.

Ok thanks for confirming this. I have just sent a email to the editor… with the request to embed (this is what @Fredo advices his clients I see in his delivery specs). let’s see if that works.
Also: breakout to mono is not in the export window is it?
Full files are not necessary now (this is a teaser trailer), but will def use that approach on long form material.

ive had issues with embeded when the file size is large as it rely’s on everything working to open it up, but a smaller size project may work fine. Yes Breakout to Mono is in the adobe export - its usually selected but last test I did with the editor didn’t work with it unselected.