OMF Import-Strange Behaviour

OMF import is behaving strangely -

From the same FCP OMF export…

Import first OMF and it gets placed at 01:00:00 (this video editor always works at 01:00:00 from project start)
Import all the remaining OMF’s and they get placed at the beginning of the N6 project - not at 01:00:00 like the first OMF.

If I do the first OMF import, delete it and then re-import it, it gets placed at the N6 project start.

So, if I import an OMF, delete it and re-import it, it gets placed in a different position.

Ok, further testing reveals…

Open N6, import OMF = placed correctly (01:00:00)
Any further OMF imports get placed at start of the timline (project start) 00:00:00:00 etc

Create new project without shutting N6 down.

All OMF’s get placed at the timeline start, including the one that was placed at 01:00:00

Shut Nuendo down. Restart, open the OMF project.

First import gets placed correctly. Re-do the same import and it gets place at the top of the project.

Result: OMF only works correctly the first time when N6 has been opened. Any other OMF imports are incorrect.


This is exactly the same OMF imported a few times. The files placed at the beginning were imported when I had done previous OMF imports when N6 was already open (i.e jumping between projects). The files placed at the 01:00:00 mark were done when it N6 was opened fresh and it was the first import.

N6 64bit W8, ver. 6.04 and with ver. 6.05


Hey Lydiot! Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the additional post.

Yip, hopefully they’ll get it sorted out. In the meantime I have a workaround solution…! :slight_smile:


Hey Robin,
Mind sharing your workaround?