omf makes stereo to mono


i imported an omf movie session into my cubase 6.05.
by importing all stereotracks have been transfered to 2 mono tracks.
thats a bit annoying to edit - i.e. for doing level automation.

i couldnt find an option to combine the 2 mono tracks as 1 stereo track.
does this funcion exist?


Sounds like you’re using the OMF-G mode. :laughing:

Sorry couldnt resist.

AFAIK, the OMF format only deals with stereo as 2 mono tracks - as per the standard pro-tools format


Short and sweet answer there ThinkingCap.

Are you sure the original movie session wasn’t already separate monos?

A slight pain, but you could always link left and right channels and send to a group.

Sometimes it´s that simple…