"Ominous Padmé Hoûm" - UE5 solo indie game dev compositions


After 4 days composing 4 tracks, I was wondering if I should extend the set to an album, but I think those 4 tracks I made is a good enough pack of Industrial/Noise Techno, I hope you agree, especially the connoisseurs of the genre.
“Ominous Padmé Hoûm” (“Sinister in the Lotus”) is a words game of the mantra Om Mani Padmé Hoûm which means “The Jewel in the Lotus” which have 2 or 3 meanings, depending on your perspective. It have some melodic themes at some times, swollen on purpose “real instruments” from time to time (violin and piano), and a clear accoustic guitar on the last track of the same name as the EP.
I wanted to make something solid as an existing genre and not a wreck of personnal different genres inspiration (of course there are some “fantasies” in the tracks). I hope I achieved that, it’s up to you to tell after all, I wanted to compose for people ears and no more for myself, I do enjoy myself particularly composing techno, but I hope you’ll like listening to it.

Those techno musics are musics I composed for an indie game I’m solo developing on UE5, a retro Horror/RPG, they are the bosses themes.
I added 2 tracks: “Charcot-Marie-PAthos” and “Trough the Mirror”.

Here is how the game looked on my 2nd day on UE5:

(The animation are not correctly inputed in the BP, I followed a guide which gave this result, ofc I learned from it but this is not how it should work). This morning I followed the official UE5 Paper2D animations guide, but still I haven’t yet got time to search and try to make the character aim while pressing a key.

Hope you enjoy!