Omni Music Publishing Sale

For anyone interested in movie scores, Omni Music have a sale on at the moment where most of their titles are half price. They’re incredibly detailed scores and at those prices, fantastic value.

Omni Music Publishing Printed Scores


Shame so many of Out of Stock!

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They’re selling out fast - at those prices I’m not surprised.

FWIW I can recommend a couple where there still is stock available - Stothart’s timeless score for “The Wizard of Oz” (all 450 pages of it) and John Powell’s "How To Train Your Dragon (384 pages). I’m sure everyone knows the former - but how did he do it? The latter has a wonderfully eclectic array of instruments and is a genuinely stunning score.

The Wizard Of Oz - Soundtrack
How To Train Your Dragon - Soundtrack


Thanks for letting the community know about this, David. I just ordered The Wizard of Oz score and I’m really looking forward to all of the good detailed information in it. Omni looks like a gold mine for folks who like to study movie scores.

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Was able to order Poltergeist, but DAMMIT, Star Trek the motion picture was already sold out.
And that’s the one I REALLY wanted.


Bought Oz and North by Northwest, thanks for the heads-up!

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Lately I have seen this one being handed around like somewhat of a Holy Grail among the “aspiring Hollywood composer” crowd. I haven’t seen the movie and have only heard snippets of the score (which struck me as harmlessly conventional). Am I imagining the hype? And if not, could someone fill me in on why it seems to be such a go-to score in those circles?

Shipping prizes to France cancelled any interest I could have in that sale :sweat_smile:

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Just to add here that some of these scores are available through Schott Music. For everybody living in Europe these might be a cheaper option even considering the sale:


I wonder how much the shipping back to Canada would be if I bought Star Trek through Schott?

Somewhere between "out of this world’ and “astro-nomical.”
(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


so… “live long, and make us prosperous”?