Omnipshere (Multi Channel VST) and Cubase 6.5.1

I just bought Omnisphere and although I can set up the 8 parts and assign the sounds with no difficulty within Omnisphere I just haven’t been able to access the 8 parts individually within Cubase.

I’ve been opening the VST Instrument Channel in Cubase, creating 8 Omni parts and assigning a different midi channel to each when prompted, but this doesn’t seem to work and is also opening several instances of Omni. I can usually just hear the first part (midi channel 1) and then nothing after that.

What I’d like to do is open 1 instance of Omni (or any multi VST) and be able to record (midi) the 8 individual parts separately on different tracks.

Is this not possible with Cubase 6.5?

Use the instrument rack, not an instrument channel!!!

Thanks Split,

Where is the VST instrument rack located? I can’t find a section in the reference manual on this.

Page 207, they call it Instrument Channels?

Hi Split,

This is what I have been doing. I am opening 8 Omnisphere channels, saying yes to an associated midi track and then assigning the midi tracks 1 thru 8.

I only seems to be able to hear midi channel 1 and the rest are mute. I can see my controller keyboard working, I can hear the sounds within Omni using the preview button I just can’t hear anything when playing the keyboard. It also seems to open multiple instances of Omni as I go to each different midi channel as well.

Just to be sure: you ARE using the VST rack?

You ought to be able to show the VST rack, insert one instance of your multi-channel VSTi in it, and then route the outputs of several MIDI tracks (which could be created by, for instance, starting a new project using a template that creates multiple MIDI tracks) to that single instance of the multi-channel VSTi. The MIDI channel of each of the routed MIDI tracks must, of course, be set to the MIDI channel whose sound you want to hear in the multi-channel VSTi when that MIDI track is sending data to the multi-channel VSTi *.

Then, when you click on one of the MIDI tracks to select it, and then play on your keyboard, you ought to hear the sound that you’ve associated with the MIDI channel of the selected track.

  • Strictly speaking, you can, as an alternative, set the MIDI channel to play back whatever MIDI channels the individual notes in the MIDI track have been recorded with. This allows one MIDI track to play more than one of the sounds in the multi-channel VSTi. Also, with that MIDI-track setting, if you then select a MIDI output channel on your keyboard, that will determine which sounds in the multi-channel VSTi will play.

You are going to Devices Menu then selecting VST Instruments?

This then opens what we call the VSTi Rack they call it VST instrument channel (not to be confused with an instrument track!) You then select your instrument and associate a midi track/s with it.


Yes I’m using the VST Instrument from the Device drop down box but what I’ve been doing and apprears wrong from the quote above is actually creating 8 Omnisphere’s in it (populating the first 8 boxes with the VST) and then giving a different midi channel to each once they have been created.

I take it this is wrong.

I think where I’m getting lost is the routing to the output of several midi channels once one (1) instance has been created.

I believe this is what I’m trying to figure out how to do.

So for example I start a completely new project, I open the Device Memu drop down box and open VST Instrument. From there I add 1 instance of Omnisphere now do I agree to create a midi channel at that point or create it without and then route several midi channels after that?

This I believe is where I’m losing it.


I’m looking to have just 1 instance of Omnisphere but have 8 different midi channels associated to it and be able to record on those channels in seperated tracks.

Open 1 instance of Omnisphere in the rack.

Within Omnisphere itself you’ll need to set up the multiple patches assigned to channels 1 thru 8.
Create 8 Cubase midi tracks feeding channels 1-8 & assigned to the Omnisphere.

You should now be able to play all 8 instruments from the one instance but if you want all of the outputs showing in the mixer go back to the rack & click the little arrow coming out of a box next to the instrument selection & choose to show all outputs

Thanks all.
After the instance of Omni is set up it will then appear in the midi drop down box as a choice much like my hard synths do.

I’m not actually in front of Cubase, so this might be a bit approximate …

  1. Create a MIDI track and select it (ie click on it in the track list).
  2. In the inspector, click where it shows where the MIDI track is routed to, and select Omnisphere.
  3. Set the MIDI track’s MIDI channel number (let’s say channel 1), if it isn’t already the number you want.
  4. Beneath the MIDI track just created, create another MIDI track …

… IIRC, that will have its output automatically set the same as the one above (ie Omnisphere), and have the MIDI channel one higher than the one above. If my memory’s wrong, repeat steps 2 & 3 above.

… Also, IIRC, you might be able to (eg) create seven tracks in one go; otherwise create them one by one, as above.

Edit: Oh, too late. :blush:

Yes :wink: