Omnispehere and CBP 8.5 bug? Solved

I having a issue with Omnisphere not pass audio threw to the monitor unless I click and hold onto one of it’s faders in the mixer.
Now the same song with Omnisphere played back in 8.0.30 plays just fine.
Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
All my other Synths seem ok,but I haven’t check every project.
Perhaps I should trash my preferences,but will this effect my CBP 8.0.30 preference as well?
Does 8.5 and 8.0.30 share the same preferences?
Also where do I find my CPB 8.x preferences in Windows 10?
My system is
Win 10 Pro
Asus x99 Pro usb3.1,32gb ddr4ram,850evo SSD system drive,Thunderbolt EX 2,
Lynx Aurora 16 thunderbolt I/O


Also,can I un-install 8.0.30 so I don’t have both on my system drive?