Omnisphere 2 looks like the ultimate beast !!


Omnisphere 2 looks like the ultimate beast !!

Only over 12 thousand sounds… :open_mouth:

Hope it works is Cubase 8 :unamused:

I’m in :bulb:

I love Omnishere 1 and probably will upgrade to 2. But 12000 sounds, navigating and finding usable patch(es) for any particular song…whew :open_mouth: .
Also, for my particular style of music/style most of those 12000 sounds probably aren’t usable or ‘musical’ enough anyway.

I think ‘Eric Spectrasonics’ is catering for too wide a userbase overall, IMHO, in the process making it very labour intensive, and time consuming, for each individual.

Still, I’d like to find out what v.2 can do to imported guitar audio tracks!

And @mbr, I’ve no doubt it’ll work C8!

But then it has one of the best category and sound finders built in. And for the amount of features and samples I actually find the price to be really competitive. Tempting.

Finding sounds in Omnisphere is not a problem. The Search is the best. And once you get the hang of a -few- very basic concepts, the flexibility is simply astounding.

I spent my first year with it thinking it was basically just a big ROMpler. How wrong I was. It has more depth than any product out there, without going into Reaktor territory. It’s a lot better than Reaktor in many ways because the raw sounds are already there and the programming done for you is truly ‘pro’.

The only other product on the market like it is SoundToys for FX… the best sound quality and the deepest UI.

I gush only because it is the UI to die for and I -wish- SB would study it as usability is not their forte.

I love Omnisphere and enjoy auditioning all the sounds but I doubt I’ve used a tiny fraction of what is available. Too much choice isn’t always a good thing. Same with Trilian, I use a tiny fraction of the available basses, you soon find your “go to” sounds, then edit if necessary. I never get tired of Stylus RMX though - but when version two comes out I’m not upgrading. I don’t see how they could improve it :smiley:

Very impressive beast. I like the EDM demo :smiley:

wish they can make a hardware one so one can go through the patches quicker…LOL… :laughing:

some sounds are very heavy on vst performance and will probably take me 2 years to go through them all… :unamused:

installed quick and is working in Cubase 8 :ugeek:

12,000 sounds !!!

you can’t possibly fail to have hit after hit with unlimited drugs and groupies

It’ll sell bucketloads

I have been following this one… I own Omni 1 and will take the plunge next time I get seriously synthy.

Omni 1 was fantastic with good search facilities. Omni 2 has improvement ot the ways to search for sounds. These ways are entirely original to Omni2 and are intuitive. Good idea to check this out before concluding there are “too many to choose from”.


Anyone know what copy protection they use ? I’m trying to get rid of anything iLok

Armed guards, trip wires, drones, a moat, IEDs, etc,etc

Ah the usual stuff :slight_smile:

BUT, no iLok, thank god! At least with Omni 1.

Good to know, dang now I have to get it :slight_smile:

Challenge / Response code

It’s good. It’s a great version 2. My concern was it was going to be a memory monster, but so far, it’s running fine under 7.5. Biggest improvement is being able to retain settings (effects, ARP etc) whilst auditioning other patches.
Yes, the EDM bank is great but it feels a knee jerk reaction to what Ilio (Midihead) & Skippy have been doing for a long time (producing EDM banks & patches for Omni).
Not gone too deep with it yet, but well worth the upgrade cost.

Forgot something - for those who do upgrade - the manual is online only now, so don’t expect to look at the Omni 2 manual on your hard drive - it ain’t there - it’s the 1.5 version.

Thx !

So here is my take on this.

Omnisphere 2 + Zebra best Softs

Virus Ti + Prophet 6 best Hards


Drool. :nerd: