Omnisphere 'Enable Host Automation' works in Cubase?


In Spectrasonics’ marvellous Omnisphere, each control has an option to ‘Enable Host Automation’ on its pop-up menu. This seems to be a way of controlling these parameters from a DAW without going through a MIDI learn process, but I can’t find any mention of it in the Cubase documentation.

Has anyone found out how to do this in Cub, or is it (as yet) unsupported in our favourite DAW?


It should be working right out of the box! :confused: Just right-click on the parameter you wish to enable, and select “Enable Host Automation” from the pop-up menu. The parameter becomes available immediately.

Vic is right - it’s working very well. Just remember to click “show used automation” on the track or in the automation panel to make the recorded automation to appear in Cubase.

Ah, thanks guys, found it now! So it’s either in the track automation if it’s an instrument track, or in that funny ‘global instrument control’ track in the VST Instruments folder if it’s in the VST Instrument Rack (never quite been clear what that track does - now I’ve got some idea!). :smiley:


Would you mind telling me where is that “global instrument control track”. I can’t find it. I want to automate with the omni in the vst instruments rack. The other works fine!!
Thanx for your time!

When you create an instrument in the rack, it gets an entry in the ‘VST Instruments’ folder. Eg. when you add The Grand piano to the rack, a folder in ‘VST Instruments’ is created, called ‘The Grand’, and in that folder is a track which allows you to automate parameters of the instrument that aren’t tied to a specific channel.

Hope that helps!

Ohhhhhh!!! It’s that extra track that I (like you) too did’n know what it does!!! LOL Got it now!
Thanx a lot!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!