Omnisphere install Solved!

I just posted this in the VST instruments forum - then noticed that nobody has posted anything there for several days, so I’m posing this question to my friends in the lounge:

I just had a system failure and I’m starting from scratch on an all new computer.

I’ve installed C7 on Win7 64bit.

I’ve purchased Atmosphere, Omnisphere and Stylus from Spectasonics and they were all installed
and authorized on my old computer, and they all still show up as registered on the Spectrasonics site.
My question is ; wasn’t Omnisphere a downloadable upgrade from Atmosphere?
I’ve installed and reauthorized Atmosphere on my new system, and I don’t seem to be able to install
Omnisphere using the software and soundsource library updates. It was a few years ago - but I’m quite certain
that I never got a boxed product sent to me for Omnisphere. I’ve kept every boxed program I’ve gotten in the last
10 years - they’re all in my studio closet, and Omnisphere is not there.
I’ve paid for and registered Omnisphere - does anyone remember if this was a downloadable upgrade - I can’t seem
to find it on their site. I tried to install using one of the update files and it couldn’t find the STEAM folder.
I thought having Atmosphere installed would allow one of the Omnisphere updates to install the program.
I’ll have to wait til Monday to get a tech on the phone, so I’m wondering if anyone has an answer for me today.


Sorry Lenny, I can’t answer the question since I got Omnisphere without first having Atmosphere.

When you log in to your Spectrasonics account, do you see any upgrade(s) files listed for any of the three products?

I remember installing Omni took a long time. I imagine downloading the upgrade from Atmos to Omni would be huge.

I always burn upgrade type installer files to CD-R or DVD-R and archive them.

In any case, I’m sure the Spectrasonics folks will get this sorted out; they’re very, very good.

Lenny, I did the same as you last fall; a total reinstall on a new PC. I’d purchased Atmosphere as a pre-release to Omnisphere in order to get the latter cheaper. I just checked and it did come as a boxed version. I just found my install disks; you must have yours somewhere.

Also Eric Pershing and others used to post and respond at Northern Sounds and Eric has a FB page altough he didn’t repond to a question I sent. Monday is a holiday and they may be closed.

Thanks, guys.

Even though the install I tried to do with the update files they have on their site seemed to fail, while I was in Cubase I noticed that Omnisphere was a choice on the menu - so I opened it and was then able to authorize it.

Now my problem is - the library(STEAM folder) didn’t get installed. When I try to install the soundsource library
file that’s on their site, I get a prompt that says:
This is not a STEAM folder. Perhaps you selected a shortcut?
The STEAM folder must have an /Omnisphere/Settings Library subfolder

So even though the Omnisphere gui opens in Cubase and was able to be authorized - An Omnisphere folder
(with a STEAM folder in it) was never created in the Spectrasonics folder either in the program files folder or the
program files(x86) folder. Even if I create my own STEAM folder, it won’t let me install there. I get that same error prompt.
There must be some initial install file that I’m missing.

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Do me one favor, Nate. Don’t EVER change! :slight_smile:
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Thanks for the link, but the issues that turn up in that search are different than mine. They’ve done proper installs
from the disc and can’t locate their STEAM folder afterward. I’ve got an Omnisphere gui that opens in Cubase - but I’ve got no Omnisphere folder created either in the 64 bit or 32 bit program folder - and it won’t even let me install any STEAM content. I think I’m missing the proper installer. I think I’m going to have to wait til I can get Eric Persing on the phone and get him to provide me with one. :blush:

Bank on it, Brother. :mrgreen:

I was able to get Spectrasonics on the phone today, and they told me that it was never downloadable,
but that since I bought it at the upgrade price,the discs weren’t sent in a box - but in a big envelope.

Once I knew it wasn’t boxed, I looked a little harder in tighter places and found the DVD’s in an envelope
stacked between some manuals. A big relief, because this is definitely one of my go to synths! :slight_smile:

Excellent! Glad you got it solved.

If I may suggest … get a box and mark it: OMNISPHERE. Put the install discs in it. Put the box with all the other boxed apps.

I keep my install dics (boxes are long gone) next to all my favorite discontinued VSTis … like Absynth, D’Cota, and Bitheadz Retro. :wink:

Nahh…can’t be bothered. I’m an artist! I tossed all six discs into a paper bag and stuck’em in a drawer somewhere - I forget where already.
…and just to make it even more challenging next time, I put duct tape over the Omnisphere logo on each disc!


Absynth ( Native Instruments) is not discontinued.

Yeah, it’s part of the “Komplete” suite.

Sorry … my mistake … getting old and mentally feeble is such a drag … I got Absynth to replace XPhraze (which is what I meant, and it’s discontinued) … but honestly … there isn’t anything that can replace XPhraze.

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