Omnisphere not appearing in Dorico

Hi, I see this thread is 6 years old but i am having the same issue and i am hoping the solution is now known. All of my VST’s work fine and show up in the mixer except my new one which is Omnisphere. Any instructions on how to change setting so omnisphere shows up in the Dorico Elements mixer?

Hi @chrisppff , please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from the Dorico Menu and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Omnisphere sits in the Spectrasonics>Synth entry in the VST list. You may need to scroll down to reach it

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Yes, very good hint from Janus. Thank you

Its in the list and easily selected. Audio is also fine, just no signal in the mixer.

Dorico (1.1 MB)
Just to summarize- All tracks have audio. “voice 1” is a
Hal;ion Sonic. All the other instruments are Omnisphere. When i replace Omnisphere with any other synth i get a signal in the mixer. When i put omnisphere back on the track i get no signal in the mixer. I get audio just no signal. Thx for your help.

I’m sorry. I do not understand your problem…
omnitest1.dorico (528.9 KB)

No worries!


It would help others to understand how you solved your problem.

Meaning I’m waiting to see what ULF finds in the Zip file.

Hi @chrisppff , thanks for the data, but unfortunately they only give me very few hints of what might be going on on your machine.
First of all, Dorico does recognize Omnisphere and also tries to load it, which apparently succeeds.
However, I see one suspicious thing in the log and that is, that the port names of Omnisphere are not properly terminated and show at the end some Chinese charackters. Maybe that is the problem, I don’t know (yet).
You say that audio is fine, so all the 5 Omnisphere instances produce sound as expected, right?
Actually, I would really like to have a remote screen sharing session with you, that would really speed up things. Please send me a private message and we can arrange for the details. But no obligation, only do it if you really want to.

Hi Ulf,
Because of you finding Chinese Characters in Omnisphere, i am contacting them and hopefully they can fix it. If i am still having issues i will take you up on your offer. I’ll keep you informed and post the solution if one is presented. Talk soon.

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Ulf did a great job solving the problem. I’ll try to explain it.

  1. All instances of Omnisphere need to be on channel 1. As opposed to other VST’s that need to be on separate channels.
  2. Something about Multi’s that was causing the issue. Has to be Single patches. But the weird part was we had to click on the Multi button to get to the Omnisphere mixer. This the best i can explain what happened as i am new to omnishpere. Maybe Ulf could explain the problem better than me as he worked through it and i was just an observer.