Omnisphere & Trilian causing save crash...

Hi guys,

Many months ago, there was a thread I started about crashing when saving with either of these instruments loaded.

I know this was only happening with some of us but it was a deal breaker for those that it was happening to. Cubase would freeze when saving when either of these two instruments were loaded on a instrument track when saving.

Anyway, tonight I figured out something that you could do and avoid this bug. It worked for me at least.

Go into Devices/Plug-In Information and make sure that for both Trilian and Omnisphere both have ASIO guard checked. Mine defaulted without being checked and once I checked them I didn’t get this save crash/lockup that I was getting.

If this info even helps one person, I am glad I posted because this was a terrible bug.

Aloha p, and great f*ing advice for those with this prob.

This is the type of thang that takes mucho time to figure, if ever.

As you posted:

If this info even helps one person, I am glad I posted because this was a terrible bug.

Once again thanks for sharing. Sending much Aloha!

I’ve never had that specific issue, but the interaction between Omni and Trillian has always caused issues on my system. Before, I had to reset the location of the STEAM folder almost every time both VSTi’s were used together. Once one was loaded, the moment I was starting to load the other one, Cubase would tell me that it couldn’t find that folder. And the only solution was to reset both plugs. Or sometimes one of the two would suddenly lose the authorization key and I had to re-authorize it online. Major PITA…

After a lot of trial and error and many many re-installations, now everything seems to be working fine, except that for some mysterious reason Trillian’s loading times have become much longer (the larger acoustic bass patches may take 4-5 minutes to load.) Again, only if Omni is loaded (and I have 32 gigs of RAM, so it’s not like the system doesn’t have enough memory…) The Spectrasonics customer service is still quite baffled… Still better than having to reset everything. Of course if it’s possible, I try to avoid using those two together, and then I have no issues.

hey i know its been some years since you posted this so i don’t expect you to see this and respond, but i have the exact same issue, when ever i load trilian, omnisphere loses authorization key and i have to re-authorize it, which is hell as you know, so my question is, have you figured out how to fix that problem?? Thank you