On Doricolib Files


Is there a Reference Manual for the Doricolib file format, available anywhere? XML isn’t an issue, what I’m seeking is a Reference Manual for the Doricolib tags.

Any hints or insights on this issue would be much appreciated.

All the best,

They’re undocumented; probably to discourage meddling! :laughing: The format and structure is identical to the userdefaults.xml file, which should contain all the tags, largely empty.

More XML tags can be found in the definitions of the files inside the Dorico app itself.

Improper XML will result in Dorico flagging an error message at launch and quitting.

Editing .doricolib or userlibrary.xml files by hand is unsupported. The supported way to edit these things is via the features provided in the user interface of the software.

Thank you, Ben, I now know where to look.

I understand, Daniel, but I can offer one example that (at present) can only be achieved through a Doricolib file: changing the default Music Font. That’s actually what got me into wanting to learn the Doricolib file format, in the first place. The more customisation tools I have available, the better. A Reference Manual would be a great tool for customisation, when it isn’t accessible through the UI.

We will not be documenting Dorico’s internal file formats, and editing those files is unsupported.

Daniel, that much was apparent from your previous reply, I sought only to clarify what is its usefulness for an end-user of Dorico.