On Drop In, monitoring is latent! Any fix?

Hi guys

Working with a Producer who I’m trying to impress with Cubase as he came from a ProTools background. Finding it tough to do so!

In particular he’s pointed out a latency each time we drop in of about 1/2 a second between when you hit record and when the recorded track turns off and the new performance is heard in monitoring. I’m using Direct Monitoring on Windows with RME HDSPe. I’ve always just accepted that cubase runs like this but am I missing something? Is there a cure for this?

Hi Mart

Don’t have ANY Latency at all when dropping in here, pretty sure it’s nothing to do with Cubase, more than likely driver related. Just btw why don’t you use the Mac version of Cubase when you are on a Mac:-)?

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I have protools 9 also on windows and did an experiment last night. Using same rme drivers and punching and out on the bar- no latency on the drop in as I was playing. Not even a click. (Does protools do a soft or fade in monitor on?)

Went back to cubase… Definitely late on the drop in monitoring and an audible click on the switchover.

I used same rme hardware for both. This would indicate to me the cubase is more at fault-or at least how it’s reacting to hardware

Btw. I bootcamp to windows as I couldn’t live without direct monitoring on osx. Also I do a lot of mastering and my own mastering. At that time there was no wavelab for osx bit I use sequoia which is pc only


I think I’m having the same problem, less than 1/2 a second but I’m not able to use direct monitoring with the 4.x RME driver.
See here for details: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=65321

The 3.38 driver works as expected, but in the past I had the same problem (was worse than now) with the first Cubase 4 version and updates, and it was solved by Steinberg after few updates.

Steinberg support response: you have to contact RME support.

Which driver are you using?


Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro
MB Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3
CPU Intel i7 4930K
VGA NVIDIA GT630 2GB Passive
Cubase 7.5.30 64 bit

Hello mart,

I had a similar problem in the past and IIRC, turning off ASIO-Guard did the trick for me.