On iOS is upgraded Cubasis LE 3 the same thing as Cubasis 3?

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With purchase of an Audient Evo4 interface, it came with Cubasis LE. On App Store I saw you could upgrade for $20, so I did. So on my iPad the app icon is White with Blue interior and says Cubasis LE 3. On the App Store, for $50 is Cubasis 3- Blue icon with White interior. Is my upgraded Cubasis LE 3 the same thing as Cubasis 3? I remember getting Auria, then upgrading to Auria pro, but because it was an upgrade the icon still said Auria, not Auria pro, even though it had the full functionality (thought I never ended up using it at all beyond playing the demo song over and over, ha)
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The Full Feature Set IAP updates Cubasis LE 3 with all features of Cubasis 3. The app name and icon remains unchanged (it’s technically not possible to change it). But the launch screen shows Cubasis, instead of Cubasis LE. And you should not encounter feature limitations, of course.

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Thats’ great- thank you, good Sir for your explanation. You’re the best. Have a great day!

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