On ipad can not find way to update to cubasis 3.3

Hi, any idea why I can’t see Cubasis 3.3. to update from the 3.1 version currently on my ipad? Have good internet connection, even your End of Summer sale pops up when I open the app. If I long click on App Store and choose Updates, Cubasis does not show and update.

Hi @alexi.karuna,

Thanks for your message.

Please open the App Store app and browse for Cubasis.
There you should be able to see and download/install the latest available update.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Thanks Lars, actually it was my error, I was looking at the version numbers wrong and turns out I have the latest so mystery solved.

Hi @alexi.karuna,

Thanks for your updated message.
Glad to read that you’ve been able to solve the problem yourself!

Stay well
& best wishes,