On Mac, Dorico 4 does not launch but hangs indefinitely waiting for the audio engine

Hi Ulf,

Thanks very much for following up on this. I am having the same problem. Also, the Steinberg ELicencer seems to be hanging on an update for me. I did manage to open and use Dorico 4 for the first day with no problems. I still have Dorico 3.5 installed and I use Noteperformer. Dorico 4 worked fine the first day, including using Noteperformer. Now hangs on opening. Zip file attached.

Thanks in advance

Dorico_4_errors.zip (1.1 MB)

Hi @seanodalaigh , could you please open Activity Monitor and see if there is a VSTAudioEngine process in the list?
If there is one, kill it and try to restart Dorico. What is happening?

Yes! That worked, thank you very much!

Very good. Now everything is fine with you or do you need more help?

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Hello Ulf,
Dorico 4 still freezes upon start up after following your instructions, but now there seems to be another issue. I followed your instructions, and during the process there was a notification in the activation manager that said “No License found” but I entered all of the license information many times and do not understand why I am getting this message,

I also tried to use the Download assistant again and re-entered my access code, and a message popped up that said “Dorico Elements 4 UD from 3.5 and older and the code was under that. When I clicked the upgrade button, and the eLicenser control center window appeared and then I clicked continue, but when I did, another window appeared that said " No license to upgrade found. Please connect a USB elicenser which contains an appropriate license to upgrade to your computer.” But my USB licenser IS already connected?

I do not know why this is happening. I spoke to tech support today but they sad that you know more than they do regarding this issue. Can you please help?

@rrgilley , are you on Win or Mac? Please first quit Dorico and then make sure via TaskManager or Activity Monitor that there is no VSTAudioEngine background process is lingering on, force quit or kill it if necessary. Then try again to start Dorico, same hanging?

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Hi Ulf, I am on MacOS Mojave version 10.14.6

Force quitting the vst audio engine in the activity monitor worked! Dorico finally started up! Now, if you could kindly tell me how to finish the registration process so that I have everything completed that would be great. Thank you so much for your expertise! I still have that licensing issue.

Can confirm the same problem — Dorico 4 hanging on launch — and that killing the VSTAudioEngine5 process and then relaunching Dorico fixed the issue.

This started happening for me after Dorico launched once in SE / unlicensed mode, as it (still, alas) randomly does sometimes. Not sure if that’s related, but it’s possible that VSTAudioEngine5 didn’t exit properly when Dorico started up in that “needs a license” mode. A theory for the engineers….

So this is what I am seeing when I try to register. How do I proceed?

First make sure no Dorico is running and no VSTAudioEngine process, Then have a look for a Synsopos process, is that one around? Again force quit it. Then try to launch the eLC again.

That is a good theory. I will need to test this myself once I have a bit of time.

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I quit Dorico and the vst Audio engine. I do not know what the “Synsopos process” is? Is that also in the activity monitor I looked and did not see it?

Hang on, I’m rechecking…

Yes, the process is called Synsopos. If that one is not around try to run the eLC . That should also start the Synsopos process. Does it with you?

I am trying to run the Elicensor and as it is performing the online synchronization and maintenance it keeps displaying several different error messages like the one that I took a screenshot of. I’m going to try to reboot my computer to see if that has any effect at all.

This is what is happening when I try to do maintenance. I can not register un til this issue is completed. Am I correct?

SHould be still okay, go ahead