On Mac, Dorico 4 does not launch but hangs indefinitely waiting for the audio engine

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OK, I’m just letting you know that I’m still having the same error messages coming up in the licensing window. But I appreciate very much that you help me launch Dorico 4 thank you so much!

@rrgilley , that’s odd. What version of the eLicenser Control Center do you have? Please make sure it is the latest as according to https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360008841379#current_elcc

Hello Ulf, I have updated my elicenser app and I entered the correct download code as required, but every time I try to register the code in the elisenser app it interprets it as Dorico Elements 3.5 instead of Dorico 4, and says that Dorico 3.5 in not upgradable.

How should I proceed?

Obviously I am not going to actually show the access code here, so I took the screenshot above and below the code, but you can see that it says Dorico Elements 4 UD from 3.5 and older. The download assistant is interpreting the code as Dorico 4 up to this point, but when I go to the next step of trying to upgrade to the elicenser, it thinks that this is for Dorico 3.5. I can not get past this last step.

Hi @rrgilley , as much as I’d love to help you further on this, this is now beyond my knowledge and I have to call on @dspreadbury . I hope he can help or find someone else who can help you.

It looks to me like you have already done the upgrade successfully as far as eLC is concerned - it has marked your license as “Not upgradeable”, which means it has already been upgraded. It won’t show up in eLC as being a v4 licence, though, because v4 licences are handled by SAM and not by eLC - the “Not upgradeable” v3.5 licence is just there in eLC in case you want to run Dorico 3.5 after you have done the upgrade.

If you run SAM, what does it now show you?

Also Ulf, should I put the folders back where I got them from that I removed and zipped to give to you for evaluation? Does Dorico 4 need those items to run correctly? Should I put the EuCon folder back as well? Also, what about the Groove AgentSE.vst3 and HALion Sonic SE.vst3 and the two bundles that I also took out? Should I put them back in the Dorico 4 folder as well?

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 3.30.31 PM

I so sorry, but what is SAM? I am not familiar with that.

SAM is the Steinberg Activation Manager

I don’t know all of the lingo and abbreviations yet LOL!

And the components that you moved out, for the moment leave them also out, until the point where you have Dorico 4 up and running. Once you achieved that, you can put them one by one back.

It has Dorico 4 listed.

I can now launch Dorico 4 successfully. So do I need to do anything else? My Dorico 4 product is NOT on the Steinberg product listing on the website. I can not seem to register it no matter what I do.

Excellent, good to hear that Dorico 4 is now running with you.
In regards to the registration, as far as I am informed, you don’t need to do that anymore, because your license is automatically associated with your Steinberg account with the new licensing system.

So now it is time to put back in the components again. For that, Stop Dorico, create a new Components folder and put back in the first component. Then start Dorico again and see if it still runs. If it does, continue with this routine. I guess if you put back the Eucon component, it won’t work anymore, but you will see.

Thank You for clearing that up Rich, I really appreciate it. I just don’t understand now why the Dorico 4 product is not showing up on my Steinberg product list.

Thank You Ulf for all of your kind patients and guidance. You have been really great through all of this! Especially for a newbie like me!

Oh ok, I see now what Ulf said.

@rrgilley , you are more than welcome.