On mixing console not possible to scrolling

Anyone have experience with this bizarre bug ?



The Mix Console consists of three zones—left, center and right. Only the center zone is scrollable. The rest are affixed to either the left or right side of the console.
The screen recording is a little small so it’s hard for me to see, but it looks like you have the correct left side panel up for assigning channels to zones. The zones are represented by three little dots. Try changing the zone for your channels to the center one.

Thanks for reply!
it’s not true that only the middle zone is scrollable. If I have more channels in any zone than can fit on the monitor, I have to get to them somehow. In my gif, the scroll bar at the bottom is broken, the mix doesn’t scroll when you move it with the mouse.

Just as Mlindeb says , left zone FIXED ,Right zone FIXED , Center SCROLLABLE . If you hove too many tracks in either left or right zone they will disappear off the display .
You could setup Mix 2/3 for Buss’s only , inputs only , Fx’s only , what ever you like . This is how i handle large projects , Mixer 2 is my Fx rack , Mixer 3 for Busses

Thank You all, guys!