On multitimbral output vsti's Cubase does not link channels

Hi there,

In a multitimbral setup (Halion 5 for example) with each midi channel having its own output, when opening the different Halion midi channels they all link from the midi channel to the Halion master output & then the master output on the channel settings.

Surely they should show the Midi channel & then then the separate output channel you’ve selected & then the master output.

It really makes opening the separate multitimbral out puts together very confusing & difficult.

Also, if you hold Alt & select ‘e’ on any of the Halion mixer channels, instead of opening th& leaving displayed the channel settings for that output it opens Halion itself?? This isn’t supposed to happen is it? This is supposed to open that particular channel & leave the window on top so you can compare eq settings on various channels.
You can untick “Follow ‘e’ buttons or selection changes” but once closed & re-opened the button goes back on again(there is no way to permanently turn it off for that specific channel??

But this is just a work around anyway for the problem mentioned before.

I really hope you can please sort this out in the near future , thank you.

If I am missing something then I apologise.