<> on same note

Hello, I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find an answer: how is it possible to make a cresc. and dim. (<>) on the same notehead, as in this example from Tchaikovsky? Many thanks!
Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 13.33.10.png

it’s called “messa di voce” and you can find it in the properties panel, when selecting a hairpin

Or Shift-D, <>

Do be aware that in 3.5 it is rather buggy and has frequent proportion issues so the marks aren’t “balanced”, or sometimes one of the marks won’t display at all.

For this kind of thing, I replace the unstressed accent which I never use by a <>, so that it’s balanced and centered on the note.
There already are threads about this (and really long before 3.5). Here is one :

The solution in Marc’s link works great for an ‘articulation-like’ messa di voce (also called a ‘soft accent’ but I like the name ‘espressivo mark’). I think this is also the right solution for your Tchaikovsky example.

For a ‘real’ (dynamic-like) messa di voce, there is also a property called ‘Messa di voce inflection’. You can try to evenly distribute the width of the two hairpins with this.