On-screen Keyboard enhancements

On-screen keyboard needs improvements. It is fun to use this especially as Cubase is on more laptops now. It is arguably a fun and easy method to use Cubase especially if you don’t have a midi controller nearby.
I would like to have an improvement of this feature, which makes it easy to start inputting midi triggers for instruments in Cubase. If you search the forums you will see there is also other topics which also show interest in this feature.

  • Resizable
  • can add sliders or knobs which have midi learn and can send whichever you want for easy control with the mouse.
  • More control over which keys are used/shortcuts
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I’ve recently returned from a hiatus from music, have upgraded my Cubase to Cubase 12Pro, installed it on my Asus Zenbook Duo (simply in order to tinker away from the studio like a glorified Portastudio!). Although I’ve also invested in an Oxygen Pro Mini MIDI keyboard (tinkering, you see!) when I opened the ‘on screen keyboard’ I was shocked (when I finally located it) to find out that it wasn’t resizable! It’s only saving grace is that it appears to remember where it was last used but, sadly for it, never again.

See the below screenshot… The second touchscreen (below the Taskbar) makes a useful place to put often used key commands as buttons, dials and sliders directly (especially now Asus have opened up the ScreenExpert Control Panel to be user configurable for any app and its key commands).

It would be really nice to be able to size it thus : (this is a qwik’n’durty Photoshop mockup) especially since so many laptops have touch screens (and the Zenbook’s dual screen is a toolbox/panel/dialogue fetishist’s dream!).

Now, I haven’t put the Asus Zenbook Duo through any paces yet. Like I said, this is for tinkering on the kitchen table or when abroad. I’m not, nor intending to, ‘produce’ anything on it though but it looks and feels to be a highly productive and capable laptop and could well be up to the job. Personally I think DAW computers should be just and solely that… (the DAW in my studio ran very stably but that’s all it ever did and was configured appropriately).

So, any chance of a new OnScreen Keyboard? ‘Polyphonic’, of course. Or have VSTis be able to detach their keyboards and be sized/positioned ?

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