On-Screen Keyboard opens every time i open Mediabay

hi guys,

i have a wierd problem…

everytime i open my Mediabay (all 3 have this) my on-screen keyboard opens automatically, and blocks all my key commands.

I remember using the onboard keyboard for a preset or something in Mediabay, to play a preset before opening in a track…but not i dont know where to turn that off.

drives me crazy!!!

and please dont tell me to delete my preferences :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I believe deleting preferences would help… :wink:

Open any Instrument preset in MediaBay and disable the Computer Keyboard Input here, please.

i did that, but it keeps coming back


-I opened a clean project
-opened all 3 mediabays at the same time
-went to instrument presets
-toggled that Computer Keyboard Input on all 3 mediabays
-restarted cubase

now it works again!

I think it somehow was still on, in one of the three mediabays…

Thanks man!

Hi WK1,
I have the same problem and I started a topic but no one answered; could you please explain what you did exactly?
I only realiza on-screen keyboard is on when I try to use the regular computer one so I have to toggle alt-k on and off but it’s annoying…
You speak of three mediabay? What’s the third one? (I know the main one, the right zone one but I miss the last one…)
Thank you for helping me,


there are 3 browers, previously called Media Bay, Sound Browser and Loop Browser (i believe) but they are all the same just with different look and settings saved…you can make all 3 looks the same.

In CB 11 they are called Mix Console 1,2,3

The key command is F3, F4, F5 but that can just as well be my own key commands haha

If the onboard/preview keyboard is on in one of the browsers, you have this wierd behaviour.

Maybe they are having an affair… :joy:

yeah they do that a lot…what would you do with so many options :slight_smile:

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Hi WK1,
thank you for answering.

Maybe I’m missing something but you speak as Mix Console 1, 2 and 3 were the same as Media Bay, Sound Browser and Loop Browser but I don’t think so…
As you can see from my screenshots they are both present in Cubase 11 ( I have 11.0.41) and each has a specific menu command…
Could you please post a screenshot where you show how to definitely activate/deactivate on-screen keyboard in each of them?
Thank you again!

Schermata 2021-11-15 alle 18.36.00

yeah you are right sorry about that

i was talking about Mediabay, Browser and Sound Browser

but my explanation stays the same anyway

open all 3 to see if the automatic buildin keyboard is on in one of these browsers


Do you mean the On screen keyboard window opens, or do you mean the virtual keyboard built in the MediaBay?

If you mean the second one, this appears only if:

  • VSTi preset becomes selected in the MediaBay and
  • The Preview part of the MediaBay is shown.

Unfortunately the virtual keyboard is still somehow present even if you close the MediaBay after, so it steels the keys and prevents of using Key Commands.

The only workaround is to select other medium in the MediaBay (audio file, for example), before you close MediaBay.

BTW, the same is truth for the Media Rack too.

exactly what Martin says

it can be confusing when windows are open in the background

Thank you WK1 and Martin,
sorry for my delay but I must have missed notifications…

I was referring to the second one but, as I mainly use the file browser in the right zone, I never saw it - not as a pc keyboard or a musical one - even if it was probably open (I seldom search for VSTi preset) but I often (not always) receive this message (see attachment) even when searchin for audio loops: “The on-screen keyboard filtered this command” and the only way I had found to stop the ‘filter’ was using the alt-K command a couple of times…
Maybe I’m still a bit confused :thinking: , I’ll try to study mediabay and co better…


Do you have any other Media Bay window (any of the 3 types) open? Or did you have any of them open and did you close it with the on-screen keyboard (VSTi preset) present?

I would open all 3 Media Bay windows and double-check this.

So now there are 4 places where this can happen in the background:

Mediabay 1,2,3 and the little player on the side LOL


Yes. Btw, by the 3 MediaBay windows, I mean:

  • MediaBay
  • Loop Browser
  • Sound Browser

Thank you again,
I don’t know why but I don’t receive notifications anymore…

I understand I have to check the three windows but, as you can see in my last screenshot, when I open the sound browser in the right zone I only have a preview but not a keyboard (how can I deactivate it?).
I just opened all the other three windows (media bay, loop browser, sound browser) and I have no keyboard and I also deactivated the prewiever but I still can’t use pc keyboard if I don’t toggle alt-k on off…