On-Screen Keyboard pitch bend slider does not reset to middle when releasing mouse button

How to reproduce:

  1. Press Alt+K to open the On-Screen Keyboard
  2. Press Numpad .Del to change the On-Screen Keyboard mode to reveal the pitch bend and modulation sliders
  3. Click and move the pitch bend slider
  4. Release mouse button
    → Result: the pitch bend slider stays where the mouse button was released

Expected result would be for the pitch bend slider to reset to the middle as that is how all pitch bend wheels function universally.

Cubase 11.0.20 Build 371
Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363 Build 18363


It works like this since ever.

The main function is described on the tooltip:

Then, once you release the mouse, the Pitch Bend returns to 0.

Did not see the tooltip when I tried it so I would have thought that these sliders work even when not playing the note with the mouse since the sliders can be moved with the mouse as well.

This approach is rather unintuitive and unpractical since you can’t use the pitch bend or modulation wheel sliders when playing notes via the keyboard. Further more, the pitch bend can’t be used without waiting because that will actually change the note instead. The waiting period is required to latch the on-screen keyboard into “modulation mode”.

Can I inquire what is the purpose of having these sliders movable with with mouse but sending no midi information while doing so?

This current system is not a game breaker but still a rather akward implementation as you can’t use it while playing from the keyboard. You’re restricted to having modulation or pitch bend action on a single key with a grace period between playing notes due to the wait state.


I don’t know, why it is implemented like this.

Btw, you can Ctrl/Cmd click to the Pitch Bend to change the value to the default one.