on screen mixer

Is it possible to use 2 monitors and have one of the screens permanently showing the cubase mixer, if so, how ?

Why didn’t you post in the C6 forum?


You’re a cracker and don’t have a license for the software?

Hello mashedmitten,

Sir Norman Bonus has a registered Cubase 6 license !!



Yes it is.

Stretch the cubase window across both monitors, also make sure you have the desktop set to extend so as to have one big desktop

Cubase 6 isnt cracked jet anyways, just sayin

IMO the best way. An alternative is to set the mixer to “Always on top”, that way it floats above the actual Cubase window and you can put it on the other monitor. Downside is when you bring another program in front, it will disappear.

Just making sure, Chris. Been a few lately that don’t and have been posting in any forum that doesn’t require one. :wink: