on-stage band in orchestra score

hi there,

I’m writing something for orchestra which also has an on-stage rhythm section – the conductor has asked me to put the on-stage rhythm section above the strings in the full score. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can separate the band from the orchestra while still having the band nestled in the orchestra score?

Thank you!

I do scores like this regularly. There may be a little too obvious, but I generally just allow a little extra space above and below the rhythm section, and sometimes add a custom bracket (if there are several staves for rhythm).

You might also put the rhythm into its own group in Setup. Depending on your formatting, this may help.

how do you do a custom bracket spanning the rhyhtm section group? (and do you put a label on the bracket, e.g. “BAND”?

Any samples of what this might look like? thank you!

In Engrave mode, under Graphic Editing–>Bracketing, you can add a custom bracket, brace, or sub-bracket to any group of concurrent staves. It’s a fabulous new feature that’s quite intuitive.

The label is a bit trickier, and not yet native. You could add a text item and drag it into place, turning off collision avoidance before doing so.

Here’s a screenshot. I generally don’t bother with the group label.

that’s cool! the only thing with this is if I have a band in a separate bracket, I can’t seem to get a curly sub-bracket for the piano/keyboard… but maybe this can be overlooked for now…
thank you!

here is how it’s set up in Bernstein’s Mass… this would be super clear and desirable…

That’s not really (practically) possible right now, unfortunately. I agree it looks great.

Showing the names of the player groups you create in Setup mode remains on our backlog and will be implemented in a future version.

great - thank you! that would be fab.