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Now that Dorico for Ipad has some decent instrument sounds, I like my mobile set-up with Ipad, but realized today, that a normal size backpack is actually too large. I think I could use a middle schooler’s half size backpack
Dorico, Ipad pro 11", Ipad magic keyboard, Targus USB to c dock, power bank providing extra charging ipad through magic keyboard, and inexpensive but perfectly adequate Sony headphones with option noise canceling.


Could you say more about your experience with the Magic Keyboard? How does this compare with the desktop version?

Hmm, well on desktop I’m using windows. If you’re a heavy keyboard user, I may not be representative of what you might want to use. Most of the time, I’m using the following commands: p for play, r to repeat a select note or passage, opt n, opt m for moving a selection up or down to the next staff, space bar for stopping and starting play from current position, Shift n for note input. On my desktop or the iPad I rarely input notes with 1,2,3,4 and letter method. And I use the j bar for a lot of more obscure commands.

Magic keyboard gives you a trackpad mouse, but as much as I use a mouse on windows, I use it very little on the ipad. Usually to select bars freehand.

I like the Ipad to sketch out basic parts, but there’s no real possibility of refining a composition beyond a certain point. It works well for that, but ultimately, I eventually have to bring it back to the desktop at some point.

Hope that kind of answers your question.

I have the slightly-less-than-magic “Smart” keyboard, which doesn’t have a trackpad built-in. It’s certainly a lot easier to use Dorico, falling back onto familiar key commands, than tapping on the screen.

It doesn’t have an Escape key, though I believe there’s a combination key press to emulate it, which I can’t remember.

I’d like to push Dorico on iPad “to the limit” – seeing how much of a large, complex project I could achieve. But I have a laptop anyway, so the iPad is mostly for small, simple, wait-till-I-get-you-home stuff.

What’s the MIDI keyboard? Is it bluetooth, or plugged in?

Keyboard is plug-in. nectar se 25. It’s a bit different than anything I’ve used before, but works well. It only has a few controls, but does more than you would think.

One more thing, even though I don’t have an apple pencil, I use a simple stylus, as it’s a lot easier than trying to use your fingers when you do touch the screen. You don’t have to zoom in so much.

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Come to think of it, i don’t think I would really like using dorico on a Ipad without a pencil sized stylus. I already was using one quite a bit before I got the Dorico Ipad version. Although you could get an apple pencil, just having a cheap stylus allows you more preciseness., IMO.