On the second click of transport stop button, cursor no longer returns to the start position

I also heavily miss this behaviour. One funny thing i recognized: The cubase 9.5 manual describes under Preferences>Transport exactly the default behaviour i have been knowing for so many years:

“Return to Start Position on Stop
If this option is activated and you stop playback, the project cursor automatically returns to the position where recording or playback last started.
If this option is deactivated and you stop playback, the project cursor remains at the position where you stop playback.
If you click Stop again, the project cursor returns to the position where recording or playback last started.”

In Cubase 10.5 it says:

“Return to Start Position on Stop
Automatically sets the project cursor to the position where recording or playback last started when you stop playback.”

Nevertheless it still jumped back to the start of recording when yout hit the stop button a second time.

In Cubase 11 it says the same as 10.5:

“Return to Start Position on Stop
Automatically sets the project cursor to the position where recording or playback last started when you stop playback.”

But Cubase 11 does not jump back but when you hit the stop button a second time. At least now it is the way it is described in the manual :smiley:

Pleas bring the old behaviour back to Cubase 11 (or at least make it a setting in the preferences)



Works es expected when pressing the stop button on my Mackie Control, but not when clicking in the transport bar.

Exactly. We need this option back.


Yes, unfortunately this thread’s whole point is about mouse.
Sorry for being quite rude, but this is really driving me crazy, and continually seeing people suggesting keybord shortcuts or other workarounds does not help at all… :imp:

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Dear Customers,

I am Dave Nicholson and work for Steinberg in small team of people involved in the renovation and consolidation of the the user-experience in Cubase.

We are continuously at work updating Cubase, especially under-the-hood. We hope that the users are not inconvenienced by our work, but in this case I must personally take responsibility for over-rationalizing the behaviours of our controls, and missed the special case of another click on this kind of on-only button.

In my defense i can only offer that there is exactly one button in the whole application that has this extra behaviour.

It will be fixed as soon as practical given the release schedules we currently have in place.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Dave Nicholson


off topic - great to see you back Dave - I was just thinking about you the other day wondered if you were still around :slight_smile:

(from the old alt.steinberg.cubase days)

NOT. HAPPY. :imp:

Totally been messing with my workflow. How does such a basic function that has existed for years not only get removed, but then overlooked? The real question is how long before it gets fixed? Ugh.

Thanks Dave, much appreciated! I hope it won’t take too long… In the meantime, it’s C10.5 while the wonderful C11 new features just take dust…

Holy crap! An actual appearance by a Steinberg employee in the Cubase forums. That’s something new and most welcomed. Too bad it’s because of a not so pleasant experience from users, but still …

Holy crap!


Thanks, Dave!


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Thank you for answer!

This makes the application unusable for me. I use that double click many hundreds of times a session. I’ve only got two hands, so do I have to have a Dalek protuberance on my head to press 0 every time? Ridiculous



This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Please address this issue as a priority. When workflows have been based upon 20+ years of using this application this version is frankly unusable.

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Couldn’t agree more. It would be a shame if I had to re-install Cubase 10. The elimination of return to start is a major inconvenience.

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really? Unusable?

Wow, Dave, thanks for showing up. Hope you will go thtough all the other user experience issues reported since years. Perhaps the new forum gives you a better look on the situation?

Thanks for taking care! Hope we will soon notice more improvements or fixes of what got broken

At least I now know it’s not ‘just me’ and yes indeed, it’s a right pain in the behind after 30+ years of Cubase usage (started on an Atari 1040!) - so yes please Dave, maybe you could ratchet this seemingly small thing up a bit in the fixit timeline? The current two options are neither what I actually want, the long time second click behaviour really was ‘the business’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is still not fixed in 11.0.10

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It is absolutely RIDICULOUS that this was not fixed in this update!!!
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