On which Android devices does IC Pro run well?

I’m thinking of justifying buying a tablet on the basis of using iC Pro on it. I realize Steinberg posted a list on their website of devices they know to work well with the app. However any such list is by its nature going to become obsolete fairly quickly.

So I thought it might be useful to start a thread to keep a list of known good ic Pro Android devices as they become available.

Here is Steinberg’s initial list.

Samsung Nexus 10’’ (Android 4.3),
LG Nexus 4 (Android 4.3),
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7’’ (Android 4.1.2),
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10’’ (Android 4.1.2),
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.2),
HTC Incredible S (Android 4.0.4),
Acer Iconia (Android 4.0.3),
Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Version 8.4.6)

Galaxy Tab 3 8" Android 4.2 works fine

it was laggy on my s4 :unamused:


thank you very much for your intention to give others a list of possible Android devices, that work with our App. Unfortunately due to the mass of different devices and versions it is impossible for us to keep an updated list. Also there are so many factors that can influence the performance of a device like other Apps installed, memory usage and so on. Therefore we can only invite you to go for a free 30 day trial of IC Pro:


Please continue to give us feedback! :wink:


Thanks Ricardo. I totally get the impossibility of Steinberg maintaining an up to date list. And the free trial is great to see if IC Pro runs on a tablet that someone already has. However if someone wants to purchase a tablet for the purpose of running IC Pro the trial is not useful since you’d want to know if it worked prior to the purchase, not after. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Hence the need to have an ongoing repository of feedback about which tablets work well and which don’t.

Dear raino,

thanks for your answer. Please note that the 30 day trial is referring to the “Cubase iC Pro Remote Extension” connecting to your DAW on your computer. The App itself is always for FREE. And usually most stores and shops will grant you a 14-30 day return policy. So there is at least some chance for testing on some devices before.

I hope that helps a bit at least. :unamused: