On which page I am - silly question?

I am working on a project with many flows and I don’t want to have page numbers in the layout. Neverless it is important to know on which page I am working in this moment. Where can I see this (without counting the pages one by one …)?

I don’t think there’s any simple way. I would go for page numbers in the layout, and remove them before print.
BTW, the title of the current flow should be visible in Dorico’s title bar.

Seriously? I see for example in engrave mode that page 127 has overrides and want to examine what is going on: no easy way to go directly to this page?

I have that same question, I never know which page I have to look for the overrides in the Master Page section.

Don’t think so. You do have Edit -> Go to -> Go to bar, which can take you directly to a given bar or flow…

@andgle: It is not as easy: you don’t know in which bar or in which flow the override happens.

Yes, that is true, but the question is: when you are in the master page editor and see overrides on a specific page, how do you know which page that is in the score itself when you do not use page numbers or when you have restarted the page numbering somewhere in the score?

I totally agree that there should be a way to take you directly to the desired page, and I think I’ve even reported it myself somewhere on this forum. Just trying to point out things that might be useful in lack of any other solution at the moment :slight_smile:

Taking a step back, you might ask how the final user of a 100+ page score with no page numbers is going to find anything, if you are having these problems and (presumably) you already know what the score contains (but not exactly what page any particular item is on).

Just saying’ :wink:

Well - that’s a different question, and I’m sure the OP has a reason for omitting them. But even with page numbers, it’s still clumpsy to navigate large projects in Engrave mode. If double clicking the thumbnails took us to the desired page, I think that would be enough.
Anyway, I’m sure the team already have a solution in mind further down their priority list :slight_smile:

That was actually my first impulse and I was surprised that I didn’t go to that page in the score.

No Rob, the score in mind is not intended to distribute completely to a “final user”. The “final user” will get only selected pieces from the collection.