Once again, annoying upgrade to SpectraLayers Pro popup each time I open it

I’m pretty sure this happened before with Cubase Pro 12 and SpectraLayer 9. When I upgraded to Cubase Pro 13, I guess it came with SpectraLayers 10. I don’t have much use for it, but every time I open it, I get this:

Come on Steinberg. You should know better than this. Nobody is going to spend whatever amount of money the Pro version costs just because you keep annoying them with this popup. If anything, it’s going to create a rejection towards it.

Look at it this way – you get a program that costs zero money. You pay closing that dialog each time.

The other option is to not use it, or pay the devs for their work.

No. That’s not the way it works. It comes bundled with Cubase Pro 13, which I did pay for.

Either they make this appear every perhaps ten program launches, or don’t include it at all.

My iZotope bundle comes with Ozone 11 professional or whatever it’s called, and it also comes with other programs that are not the pro version. But I never see a banner that I have to close every time I use those.

Spectralayers Pro was never included in Cubase

And I never said it was. Spectralayers One is included with Cubase. I mean, when I bought Cubase 12, it came with Spectralayers One 9, and when I bought the upgrade to 13, then Spectralayers One 10 was installed.

However, this is not a problem anymore, because they updated it and the new version has an option to show you that once a day, once a week or once a month, so once a month it’s OK.

The actual reason this popup was activated in the first place was because lots of paying Pro users forgot to activate their Pro license and then came to the forum complaining they only had One launching.
Since that popup was set up, we went from 2-3 complaints a week to zero, so it seems this popup was pretty effective.
However to counterbalance the popup for users wanting to remain on One, we added an option to display it only once a week or month, so those users won’t be too annoyed by it.

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