One Big Tree #newalbum


Apologies if this is off-topic…

What do you think of my latest song?
It’s at my website

The album called “One Big Tree” was released in September

Cool song and vid. :wink:

You should post it here:

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Hi Prock.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I did post it there.
I posted a reply there too.

I had a listen to your music on soundcloud… I have a modest collection of ukuleles … I like your use of the stringed instruments … well done!

I will be posting some interesting stuff on my working and recording methods on my facebook page
Head over there to like the page, I’m trying to get to the 100 likes.



Thanks for your thanks and comments about my song. I do record for several singers in my studio. I don’t post those because they are all cover songs. So my originals get posted. Some are good and some… not so. But, I still have fun creating them. I think my FB page has (4) likes. This year I have a goal to create and release one original song per month. Again. Just having fun.

Oh yea, your FB page now has 11 likes and I will periodically check it out. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I checked out your facebook page for Nikita Boone.
I left some comments there…

Head over to my facebook page and leave a ‘like’

Best … eden :slight_smile: