One Drive Sharing on NVME?

If 2 computers put one drive on a NVME drive, will the network syncing files slow down a computer? I guess I’m thinking in the old days with sata, it def slowed down my system because the HD constantly was updating the files. But with NVME’s being so fast perahps it’s a good way of sharing projects between two computers provided they both have one drive on NVME drives?

Any thoughts?

Sorry I don’t get what you mean?
Are you referring to MS OneDrive service, or??
Can you clarify what interconnections you have in mind?

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Project sharing with cloud sync is not a good idea, it produces errors because of the locking state of files and files overwritten by syncing.

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Yes, MS onedrive.

Thank you for the info ST10ss,
that’s good info.

Is there a solid way of sharing projects across 2 computers. External HD’s have been slow but I see now they have NVME external hard drives?

You can probably use OneDrive to do it, but I would be careful and I would make sure that you’re working locally and really just bouncing files off of the cloud as you work. At the very least I would probably get in the habit of always doing a save-as as soon as I open a project locally and then change/increment the project name/number before I start working. At least that way the project you’re working on is not shared.

But I agree with st10ss that it’s probably not a good idea. It’s one of those things where if things go wrong it’s not really that great… at all…

When it comes to drives you have to make a difference between the drive itself and the connection to the computer. NVME drives are really, really fast, but if the drives is in for example an older USB case then it’s not going to have any more bandwidth than a SATA SSD. So in order to take advantage of NVME speeds you need a really fast connection between drive and computer, probably Thunderbolt 3.

I have had a lot of problems with one drive. I would keep it off my system. The problems are very weird, frozen desktops, dissappearing recycle bins, VSTs that will not install. I never got to the bottom of it, but I would proceed with caution

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I’ve had 0 issues with one drive. In the early years it was a big buggy, but now I find it perfeclty useful. I simply have doubts that syncing doesn’t slow or interfer with any DAW using the drive.