'one end' ties and slurs under repeat

Please, look at the small attached file. I would have both a tie and a slur started form G# (marked as ‘1’) and another (shortened) tie and slur that ended up at D (marked as ‘2’). How can I draw them all? Any advices or workarounds would be very appreciated.

Dear dr-music,
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No attachments at all (and yes, this seems to be a forum problem today).
Nevertheless, you should be able to achieve what you are trying to do with l.v. ties (select the note and check in the properties panel, the one at the bottom of the screen, cmd-8). If you have Dorico Pro, you can tweak those lv ties (change the direction and flip them when needed after the repeat). It will not render what you want in playback, but you can make it look exactly how you want.
Hope this helps !

Hi Marc, thank you for your answer.
Now I’m trying Dorico Pro after 25 years of using Finale. I’ve found that Dorico is a very nice and easy to learn software. The biggest problem is just to kill Finale in my mind and fingers :slight_smile:

It is difficult for me to explain my question in English without a picture. The question was about both slurs and ties that start with a note (common way) and ends in empty space before End Repeat barline. Or vice versa - about slurs and ties that start in empty space just after the barline (under 2-nd Repeat Ending) and end at a note.

There are 3 links below to small Dorico-flie (1 staff, 4 measures) and 2 jpg-files from Dorico and Finale. Finale allows to do what I want, but only with some tweaks, and the result is not stable (one should always check it in parts).

jpg-file from Dorico (68 kb): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoDBJPAI09c9lymW2TkzGAA1BvUl
Dorico Pro file (796 kb): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoDBJPAI09c9lyg-Qw9vit5ppjrk
jpg-file from Finale (88 kb): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoDBJPAI09c9lyoogrg8lsQM5GcH

dr-music: this is exactly what an l.v. (Laissez vibre) tie is for, as Marc explained above.

The lv tie will work for the tie for the slur, you will have to create one endpoint on some other note and drag the endpoint in Engrave mode. A tip for moving an endpoint of a slur, hold the key and the whole slur is adjusted in proportion rather than just the endpoint.

dnakreider: I have added the link to jpg-file made with Finale to compare it with another one made with Dorico. There are 4 question in one:

  1. an outgoing to nowhere tie – OK, I can imitate it with Laissez vibre.
  2. an incoming from nowhere tie - ?
  3. an outgoing to nowhere slur - ?
  4. an incoming from nowhere slur - ?

OK, I’ve got an answer: there is no fuctionality in Dorico till now to make it in seconds. Only with some tweaks like in Finale…

Thank you all guys for your answers!

Just want to share my preferred solution for slurs/ties to a second ending. You may also need to hide ledger lines/accidentals and adjust note spacing. Don’t forget to propagate properties!

Thanks for this, JusterMusician. Your solution works well and solved a problem for me. I, too, hope that Dorico will add this feature soon.

LOVE this workaround (that I missed the first time) - much thanks. But yes - can’t wait for them to add this much-needed feature to address this often-encountered issue (especially I find with jazz scores, etc.).
Best -

  • D.D.