one flow without multirests [solved]

Hello, strange thing happens: one of 25 flows does not show multi-rests - in the first violin part only.
Is there a place I could check, what is going on here? I had the impression, multi-rests are Layout depended (at least at this moment).
I did go to the Layout Options of the violin 1 part/player, selected Players and in the Bar Rests and Multi-bar rests section toggled and applied the Multi-bar Rests options. They did apply to all flows - except this very one…
Thank you for help.
(sorry I can’t post the project here)

If you can’t figure it out for yourself and you can’t post the project, then please email it to me instead.

Perhaps you have something hidden that’s preventing them from being created? You may want to View All Signposts and delete anything you don’t need (if anything appears among the rests in question!)…

  • D.D.

thank you robjohn9999,

the strange thing is there are no hidden Signposts in that flow, the file is behaving strangely.
I have posted it to Daniel, who has offered to help (thank you, Daniel).

The problem (somehow through music.xml import) could be solved in the way that I created a new flow and then copied just the music over from the flow, where the multirests wouldn’t consolidate. Then deleted the ‘broken’ flow and everything fine…
Interesting though that - as this one mistake points out - could there be flow dependent layout options at some point in the future?